I (DOGE) the 90s

Hanson. Backstreet Boys. Dunkaroos. Pogs. Beanie Babies. Nirvana. Oasis. Seinfeld. Goosebumps. Beastie Boys. TLC. Home Alone. Space Jam. NINTENDO 64!

The 90s had it all. So let’s have bash to celebrate all things 90s.
-There will be Skip Its, Bop Its, Pogs, Connect 4, and more 90s games
-There will be drink specials on “Alcoholic Capri Suns”, “Pop Rocks Shots”, and other concoctions based on the decade
-There will be non-stop 90s music, starting with the original Now CD
-Included with your entry fee is a raffle ticket for surprise 90s items that will make your friends jealous

Best of all, this event is only $2. That’s right, for the cost of 40 minutes of phone time from 10-10-220, you get a whole night of 90s partying!

Pay by 3/17 to get guaranteed entry and the discounted entry fee. $3 at the door, first come first serve.

If you are still on the fence for some unknown reason… *NSYNC